GreenSteam Cleaners for Schools & Daycare centers

Let’s Create a Clean Learning Environments

Importance of clean

Schools are an especially important place to focus on the correct methods of cleaning and sanitizing in the most environmentally friendly manners. Exposure to potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals can be much more harmful to children, and can drastically affect attendance numbers of students and also faculty and staff.

Proven results

GreenSteam machines are a proven solution to bacteria. The super-heated steam kills most bacteria while the vacuum extraction removes it. This proven technology will be useful in locker rooms and play areas where harmful bacteria, such as the H1N1 virus, can be commonplace. Leave your equipment sanitized and free of bacteria, viral and chemical contamination.


GreenSteam machines will improve the standards of cleanliness and lead to significant savings in labor costs.

Environmentally friendly

Our GreenSteam machines use very little water and eliminating the need for potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals, providing maximum standards of hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

Vapor Steam for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow!